By voting, you can make a difference and it matters how you respond to future challenges

At the beginning of next year 2022, there will be regional elections where the regional council for each wellbeing services will be elected. This election will bring about a change of a new administrative organization, that is, the regional council with all its governments, boards and divisions, as well as management and middle management, will be built at the same time. Now the reason for this of course is the effective implementation of the reform of social health care and rescue services.

Until now, municipalities have been responsible for organising health, social and rescue services, but in future, this responsibility will be assumed by the wellbeing services areas. The wellbeing services areas are autonomous, and the highest decision-making body in each county will be exercised by an area council.

The structures of social and health care will be reformed in order to guarantee equal access to services throughout Finland. Today, access to care and services can be waited for long and not everyone has equal access to social and health services.

Your place of residence determines the wellbeing services area in which you are entitled to vote. Each wellbeing services area has its own candidates, and you can only vote for the candidates standing for election in your wellbeing services area. There are 21 wellbeing services areas. The residents of Helsinki will not vote in the area elections, because the Helsinki City Council will continue to be responsible for social, health and rescue services in Helsinki.

The area elections are held in January 2022. The advance voting is from 12th until 18th of January 2022 in Finland and from 12 to 15 January 2022 abroad. The actual election day is 23.1.2022. Then the decision-makers in the welfare area will be voted on.

As in municipal elections, these elected trustees decide on social, primary health care, special medical care and rescue services in their area.

The welfare area of Central Uusimaa is the same as the current area of Keusote, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Mäntsälä and Pornainen. Residents of these municipalities are allowed to vote for any candidate who runs for the regional election in these municipalities. In other words, the elections are regionally an intermediate form of municipal and parliamentary elections.

Furthermore, in the regional elections, 69 regional councillors are elected for the welfare area of Central Uusimaa, who form the area council. The area council of Central Uusimaa is responsible for the operations and finances of the welfare area and exercises the highest decision-making body in the welfare area. The Regional Council will begin on March 1, 2022, and run until the next elections in spring 2025.

The election day of the first regional elections is Sunday, January 23, 2022.

Accordingly, the important upcoming dates for the elections are as follows:

Regional election commissions confirm nomination (incl. candidate numbers): 23.12.2021

Register of voting rights final: 11.1.2022

Registration for the home voting ends 11 January 2022 at 4 p.m.

Domestic advance voting: 12-18 January 2022
Advance voting abroad: 12-15 January 2022

Area election commissions confirm results of regional elections: 26.1.2022

The councils take office: 1.3.2022.

By voting, you can make a difference and it matters how you respond to future challenges. Many of these challenges are already at hand, but they are also solvable. Remember we are talking about your health and the health services of the Nation. The reason why everyone, Finns and immigrants needs to take this election serious is because we are all concerned. Therefore, make your votes count.